Designing and constructing large, small and medium scale industries requires engineers to adopt appropriate techniques, advanced technologies and best of the resources. This is one of the biggest reasons why our industrial clients bank on us heavily. Right from creating the perfect plans for their projects to executing them in accordance with our client’s budget, preferences and time, the team at TASA does everything possible to offer excellent industrial construction services.

Our Methodologies & Approach

Our methodologies & approach is completely different from that of our competitors. We don’t just believe in completing the projects. Rather, our aim is to create extraordinary infrastructure and designs for our customers. We specialize in electrical, mechanical and civil construction works, which only aids us in constructing mammoth and remarkable plants and industries for their specific business goals and objectives.

  1. Our proven track records speak volumes about our strength, honesty and integrity when it comes to handling, managing and fulfilling projects.
  2. We are a highly reliable and dependable industrial construction company.
  3. We focus on offering 100% customer satisfaction & support
  4. We are highly committed and dedicated to offering high quality services and safety standards.
  5. Our engineers, designers and workers are capable of handling complex projects, irrespective of their size and nature.

We build the front office too

Many industrial facilities depend on a well-organized, well-planned front office to manage operations, fulfill orders and solve customer problems. We’ve built offices and headquarters that some of our nation’s biggest companies are proud to call home.

Building smart with a best-value approach

Our team-oriented, Design-Build approach separates our industrial construction services from the rest of the construction industry. We bring collaboration and innovation into industrial construction by uniting engineering, architecture, construction and trade contracting professionals on one team from start to finish. Elements of construction can be nested and overlap with elements of design, leading to fast-track delivery and savings. Designs incorporate cost, schedule and constructability expertise, paving the way for facilities to meet the specific demands of industrial use. Our project teams identify efficiencies, savings and solutions to potential problems at project onset.

For an example of how this works, your manufacturing or processing equipment can place ultra-heavy point loads on your floor, walls or roof. We collaborate with specialty contractors and your team to define the layout of your industrial operation, then design and build your facility to withstand the heaviest load demands you’ll place on it. Your facility supports the best possible operation, while saving you money. That’s building smart.

We build efficiencies into your facility

We promote logistical, operational and energy efficiencies with design and construction. Our team evaluates how materials flow in, through, and out of your operation and designs a facility that maximizes logistical efficiency by supporting your workflow. We identify the building systems that fit your project budget and reduce your long-term operating costs, which can sometimes exceed construction costs. With more than 80 LEED-certified, green construction projects under our belts, we determine the energy-efficiency investments that pay off and deliver savings in the shortest payback periods. And we provide a clear picture of project costs, delivering the best solutions for your budget.